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 Dr. Glen is so much more than just a doctor. He truly cares about your body and overall health. He has helped my entire family improve our lives due to his dedication.  

Glen Nathan, DC

 I wanted a name that would be easy to remember. Chiro also means hand. So Mightychiro or mighty hand, is a great metaphor. People say they feel a positive change from what we do. Their body works better. They are optimized. They are empowered. They are Mighty !  

Glen Nathan, DC

 A horseback riding accident left me with chronic headaches as a teenager. A cook at summer camp recommended a chiropractor. After my first treatment, I was headache-free and knew what I wanted to study. I've been helping relieve other people's pain as a Chiropractor ever since. It's my give-back.  

optimize your body

 Whatever you do while working out, we will help you be optimized so that your musculoskeletal system is working better. Delay fatigue and improve recovery !